SaierNico optimized switchboard mainly equipped with components from LS、ABB、Schneider and Mitsubishi, Terasaki, etc.

SaierNico Intelligent Switchboard not only equipped with Power Management System, also equipped with Intelligent Motor Management & Control System and Intelligent Insulation Monitoring & Locating System

Intelligent Motor Management and Control System can monitor, control and protect for Motor running, collect details information when Motor running.

Intelligent Insulation Monitoring and Locating System can monitor the insulation status of whole power grid system and identify the failure location.

SaierNico Intelligent Switchboard Comply with main classification societies and rules:

  • Rated insulation voltage: 1000V AC
  • Rated impulse voltage: 12KV
  • Rated operating voltag: 690V AC
  • Rated current main busbar: 6300A
  • Rated frequency: 50-60HZ
  • Rated short time withstand current (Icw): 120kA/ 1sec
  • Rated peak with stand (Ipk): 264 kA