Based on advanced industrial control and computer network technology, SaierNico has cooperated with Eekels to lunch Alarm and Monitoring system SAS/01.The well-known Dutch company Eekels which has over 100 years history involves in quality supervision & control and global service support. The system can realize complete functions, simple operation,Safety and reliability, easy maintenance.
1.System hardware applies with the industrial PAC (Programmable Automa- tion Controller) and industrial PC without fan/hard disk. It is safety and easy to maintain. Moreover, it is great helpful to offer service and standard spare parts perennially.
2.The whole system can realize triple backup: two computer workstations are redundant hot backup for each other. Touch screen can work independently with computer system. The independent database networks are redundant which meet the system of higher reliability requirements.
3.Extension Alarm Panel can display all kinds of MIMIC, group alarm, watch calling, alarm list, etc.
4.Global service are supported by Eekels and SaierNico together.
5.This system complies with the rules of all the major classification societies, such as DNV, GL, BV, CCS, NK, LR, ABS, etc.

System Main Function:

  • Alarm Handling
  • Alarm Printing
  • Group Pages
  • Bridge Groups
  • Cabin Groups
  • Output Relay Contacts
  • Engineer Safety System
  • General Engineer Alarm
  • Call Engineer(s)
  • Engineer Duty Selection (DSS)
  • Watch Responsibility System
  • Exhaust Gas Monitoring
  • Master Clock
  • Alarm Setting Info
  • Tank Sounding
  • Running Hour Counter
  • Power Management
  • Trending Chart
  • Illumination Control
  • VDR Interface
  • Pump and Valve Control
  • Propulsion Control System
  • Cabin Door/Hatch Cover Control
  • Cabin Unit (extension panel)